Payoffs run government policy
I'm reading how the rumpus administration is 'targeting' MS-13 and criminals in all those sanctuary cities like Chicago...
... forgetting the fact that gangs make money from drugs, immigrant slavery etc..
So .... if he wants to target crime, why is the rump attacking immigrants while his racist DOJ doubles down on 'illegal drugs' ???
Why the disconnect?
If we legalize drugs then it stops criminals from selling them.
If we make an easy path for immigration then the lawyer's fee, and kidnappings become less of a problem, plus the border is stabilized...
It's not reasonable ...EXCEPT when you factor the payoffs ...
Ah ha ... raise the stakes on drugs and immigration, and suddenly it drives up the price ... resulting in bigger payoffs to the bigshots who kick up larger and larger amounts to the lobbyists who are strategizing how to silence your vote.
Payoffs is the only answer that makes sense.

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