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Search feature



Google search engine

On the Custom Search home page, click the search engine you want.Don't have a custom search engine? Create one now.
Click Setup, and then click the Basics tab.
In the Details section, click Get code.
Copy the code and paste it into your page's HTML source code where you want the Custom Search element to appear. If you've chosen the two column or two page layout option, you'll need to copy and paste two snippets of code:
Paste the first code snippet where you want the search box to appear.
Paste the second code snippet where you want the search results to appear.

On the Google Custom Search home page, click New search engine.
In the Sites to search section, add the pages you want to include in your search engine. You can include any sites you want, not just sites you own. You can include site URLs or page URLs, and you can also get fancy and use URL patterns.
The name of your search engine will be automatically generated based on the URLs you select. You can change this name at any time.

Select the language of your search engine. This defines the language of the buttons and other design elements of your search engine, but doesn't affect the actual search results.
Click Create.
To add your search engine to your site, click Get Code on the next page. Copy the code and paste it into your site wherever you want your Custom Search Engine to appear.

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