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How to make arched trellis

Trellis arch, garden arch, flower arch

Start with wire fence, concrete mesh etc
Cut piece #1
70-80" long
bend fence Bend piece #1
arched trellis Arch piece #1 between two 4x4s
Staple to wood using fence staples

Tension of fence will determine when arch is bent enough.

The arch on my trellis is higher than picture, but this was result in photoshop, and illustrates concept.

Cut and bend pieces of wire for top
garden arch Attach bent pieces of wire across top of arch

It doesn't have to be prefect since the vine will cover it.
arched trellis
Larger image
Larger image
My trellis is 18 years old in this picture
The 4x4 is much older, back when treated wood was .40 arsenic, and was taken from a farm fence that was torn down when they build new neighborhood.
I used concrete mesh for the wire, and Rebar tie wire to secure everything.

Jasmine vine is growing across the arch again after 10 years of drought nearly killed it.
rebar tie wire Use tie wire to connect piece#1 and #2
Good outdoor wire, lasts 10-15 years
Made to be twisted around Rebar for highway construction.
Use linesman pliers for best result
Handiest, strongest wire available


Rebar tie wire at Amazon
Lineman pliers
Fence staples

Yard Tools
my trellisMy trellis
Jasmine is growing back after years of drought

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