The book is set 300 years in future.
Climate change etc caused social upheaval in the past.
But now things are changing rapidly from worse to better.

Story takes place in Red Lake...  a small gathering of people in Midwest part of Texas.
Red lake is influenced by the larger changes taking place across the land.

Starvations and other social ravages have changed people..
People are different, yet people are the same... they live and love etc 
This book is at a moment in history when people have discovered new optimism.

Then a fire burns down Texas...creating new challenges, change and opportunity


Bobber is the main character.
He came from a hard life as did all people
He was a raider (similar to a gang member)... he did it to survive.
His past was no different than most.... men and women alike

After leaving raiding, Bobber becomes the local trade post operator.
He is responsible for dealing with the Bank who is forcing peace over the people, using a group of men called Bludworthies.
The Bank is bringing prosperity and ending the era of raiding and fighting.
The new era of peace has brought opportunity.
... and brought women to the community of Red Lake

One of the main points in the book is that women must keep faces covered.

Women are revolting against the face-covering laws... among all the other changes going on..
Bobber is aware of the future and works to change face covering laws, to the extent he can without others knowing.

Main women characters
-the Queen (not seen until last two chapters, but influential throughout)
-Cheneen, Bobber's girlfriend from the year before... beautiful tall girl... still comes around and is central character for the face-covering issue
-Windrock, Bobber's most recent, temporary girlfriend... exotic mysterious... is in Red Lake because of the Fire, but also because of the large forces behind the changes in society.


On the cover, I envision two people, Bobber and a woman in the foreground, from waste up.
And Bank and a fire are in background.

The two people are: Bobber and a woman...which woman? or any woman?
A tall strong woman. With face covered.
I want it to be romantic .. in a rough sense... not wind blowing thought hair, but a commitment and belief in the future.

Generic race.
They are thin and strong.
They are young (19-23)... but look older than their age... like a pro baseball player on the field looks like he's 40 but is 25

The clothes are simple clean.
Man's shirt has collar.... shirt is tucked in and he has a belt.
Moman's clothes are form-fitting... not tight
Quasi-pioneer clothes? But with a modern cut.
The woman wears face covering over nose and mouth... but not a burka.



The Bank behind and to the side of Bobber... the Bank is central for peace.
Bobber represents peace.
The bank should be stately like old southern stone architecture... except clean and new

Behind everyhing on the cover is the fire.
The fire was huge and furious... and burned like a tornado.
New plant called leatherleaf covered Texas after the drought caused all the trees to die..
The plant was unburnable ... except at high temperatures... so when it caught fire,  it burned the whole place down... all the way to the coast.

Here is my crude image of fire used in book
Preview chapter: